Things to see in Ely

The city of Ely is really close to where we live with my boyfriend and we’ve heard a lot of good things about it already.

After the not so fun but even longer times at work, we needed a break, so we decided to visit Ely. It is close enough, has beautiful green parks, and luckily the weather was perfectly warm and sunny, which is not so common in England – hence why I’ve put two jumpers in my backpack, but not a single pair of shorts or a skirt. Yes, I was boiling hot, but hey-ho, that didn’t stop me to lay down on the gorgeous green grass in the park with a pot of hummus and baby carrots.

Things to see

The most interesting thing in Ely is the Cathedral, which you can enter alone or take part in an informative tour. It really is stunning and worth a view.
Close to the cathedral, there is a museum, lots of shops and restaurants on the high street, a cute little market and you can take a walk by the vibrant river.

By the way, restaurant

We visited one of the restaurants, because obviously we were hungry, and it had a nice design as well. The menu seemed promising, with a few vegan options (haven’t been marked, but I assumed). I decided to order a pizza without any cheese. First of all, the waitress has asked me, if I don’t want goat’s cheese, or don’t want cheese at all. I said, I do not want any cheese at all. Later on she came back and asked if I am certain that there is absolutely no cheese, then the third time she asked me why I don’t want cheese on my pizza and I said, because I’m vegan. After this she didn’t ask any more questions.
I was so proud of myself, that I ordered my first pizza since I’m vegan in a non-vegan restaurant. I was so ready to write a good feedback for them.

When they finally served the pizza, it was like a kick in the nut. It was less than 1mm thin, had 3 thin slices of courgettes, 10 pieces of pine nuts and maximum 3 olives. I was asking for some tomato sauce as well, you know, that one with herbs in it. I’ve still had hope in the restaurant. Maybe the tomato sauce will be nice so I can dip the pizza crust in it. But they served pure ketchup.


After this kid’s menu, we went to Tesco, bought beetroot hummus (that’s the bomb) and baby carrots, then went to the Jubilee Park by the river.

We were laying on the green grass and enjoyed the sunshine on our faces. I even forgot that pizza incident, because what really matters is that we were together, we explored a new area and we were free!

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